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Trash Chute Cleaning

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Does Your Chute Stink?

Our specialized equipment delivers a continuous high pressure steam blast directly to the messiest spots in your chute system, blowing away residue and grime in an efficient manner. Paired with our odor control Space FoamTM product, you'll never have a smelly chute again.

Rotten trash thrown in without a bag?
Does your building stink?
No more mouse traps to hide and maintain!
Starting at $99 per floor.

The cleanest room in your building NEEDS to be the Trash Room.

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Space Foam


Space City Sanitizers provides monthly trash chute odor control maintenance with our Space FoamTM!

Chemically engineered to penetrate the worst of trash receptical surfaces and leave a fresh flower scent that lasts up to 30 days.

Kills maggots, bacteria, and viruses on contact!

If your chute has never been serviced, we recommend 3 months of Space FoamTM application after your first chute cleaning.

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Trash Chute Engineering

Professional Chute Construction for New & Existing Systems

Space City Sanitizers offers a premium solution for a durable, fireproof chute system.

The chute systems we install are fully ASME certified and code compliant. Each chute system we design is specifically for your application and is certified by a Professional Engineer to ensure optimum safety and disposal efficiency.

We ensure your building meets National Building Code and Fire Protection standards. We design new chute systems for new construction. We modify older chute designs. If your building is old and is in need of renovations, SCS can help with that too! Many of our clients own and operate older buildings that cannot keep up with higher capacity living where more trash is produced.

Space City Sanitizers chute modifications team can ensure that equipment upgrades, and other chute enhancements, are handled according to code.

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Chute Issues

Jammed or Clogged Chute?

Is your trash compactor jammed, causing a backup in the trash chute? SCS has the proven experience to clear any clogged chute. Got stuff in there from dormitory wild parties where items are thrown down the chute by frat boys? No problem. Anything biohazardous or trauma related thrown down the chute – we have it 100% handled.

Fire Code Compliance

Space City Sanitizers chute systems are engineered to National Fire Code with a minimum fire rating of 1.5 hours. Our systems are designed to ASME standards and built out of heavy duty durable alloy steel to resist impact damage. The systems we install are insurable and built to last for the life of the building.

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