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Intake Door Installations & Replacements

High Quality, Direct-Fit Intake Doors

Are Your Chute Doors Compliant?

Chute system intake doors be sealed to control drafts. Doors that do not automatically latch do not seal on their own, and are considered non-compliant and a fire hazard. The chute column has a natural, controlled upward draft. A chute with an uncontained draft will act as a chimney during a fire, which is a major hazard.

Our doors are code compliant and high quality, with a guarantee of trouble-free medium-duty use for 5 years✝︎. We sell all types of doors for all sizes of chutes.

Rubbish, Recycling, Linen Intake Doors

Bezel Embossed w/ Designated Use

Quality OEM Spec Replacements

Automatic Interlocking Systems

Self-Closing & Automatic Sealing

T-, L-, and Thumb Latches

Optional Handle Key Locks

Code Compliance Upgrades

Fully Fire Safety Compliant

Any Style – Just Ask

✝︎ - Individual part warranties may differ between models. Door and craftmanship warranties become void when door is abused, bent, or tampered with.

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Enterprise & Property Management Customers:
The Chute Company is pre-qualified, insured, and vendor-registered!
We welcome equity management companies of any portfolio size!
Managers – Our company is pre-approved in all major systems.

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Does Your Chute Stink?

Professional Chute Cleaning in Your Area

Get rid of nasty odors! — Eliminate flies and rodents!
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Fully Compliant Chute Systems – Call 833-7CHUTES

By Chute Engineering & Service Dept.

The chute systems we install are fully NFPA 82 and International Building Code certified, code compliant, and fire safe. Each chute system we design is specifically for your application and is certified by a Professional Engineer to ensure optimum safety and disposal efficiency.

The Chute Company chute systems are engineered to International Fire Code with a minimum fire rating of 2 hours. Our systems are designed to ASME standards and built out of heavy duty durable alloy steel to resist impact damage. The systems we install are insurable and built to last for the life of the building.

Our team of professionals will ensure your chute system meets International Building Code and Fire Protection standards. We design certifiable new chute systems for new construction and retrofit and upgrade older chute designs. If your building is old and is in need of renovations, The Chute Company can help with that! Many of our clients own and operate older buildings that cannot keep up with the garbage loads of modern high-density living.

Contact the experts today at 833-7CHUTES for all of your chute needs.

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