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Space City Sanitizers Bio-Trauma Solutions is equipped to help with eviction cleanups where the presence of someone else's junk is inhibiting reoccupancy or sale of the property. Everything of concern is removed and disposed of and the air within the location is deodorized and sanitized using our high-tech circulator fans. The location is left clean with all surfaces sanitized and ready for sale or occupancy. Police assistance arrangement available.

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Endless Clutter Biohazardous Hoarding Boxes of Junk Cat & Dog Hoarding Soiled Mattress Poop Cat Urine Rat Infestations Soiled Flooring & Walls Grease Buildup Years of Dust Smoker's Interiors Pet Stains Animal Nests Expired Meat & Food Piles of Trash Disgusting Bathrooms Ruined Furniture Bad Smells Just About Anything!

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