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Does your chute stink?

Busy holiday? Clogged chute with trash backed up 3 stories?
Problems with flies and rodents? We'll make that chute like brand new.
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Need that extra lasting freshness?

Have us visit on a regular basis for Space FoamTM. This ensures that your chutes remain fresh and fly free.
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We're a full-service chute company

Our capabilities extend beyond cleaning, sanitizating and repair. We'll refurbish out of code chutes and facilitate new construction.
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Trash Chute Cleaning

Our specialized equipment delivers a continuous high pressure steam blast directly to the messiest spots in your chute system, blowing away residue and grime in an efficient manner. Paired with our odor control Space FoamTM product, you'll never have a smelly chute again.

No more complaints from smelly trash rooms!

No more flies down the hallways!

Clogged chute? No problem!

The cleanest room in your building NEEDS to be the Trash Room.

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Stay Fresh With Space Foam


The Chute Company provides monthly trash chute odor control maintenance with our Space FoamTM!

Chemically engineered to penetrate the worst of trash receptical surfaces and leave a fresh flower scent that lasts up to 30 days.

Kills maggots, bacteria, and viruses on contact!

If your chute has never been serviced, we recommend 3 months of Space FoamTM application after your first chute cleaning.

Any Chute, Anywhere

No matter the task, our chute specialists can handle the job.

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