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BioTab7 Sanitizing Agent

Antimicrobial Shield Protection

Long-Term Protection for Your Cans & More

All of our standard trash can and recycling bin washing services come with this complementary protection. After we service your cans with our High Pressure Steam Blast ™ process, we apply a full-coverage coat of our BioTab7 agent. This agent is non-toxic to humans and will be undetectable after it dries. Average lifespan in BioTab7's ability to fight microbes is 30 about days.

Eco Friendly ‐ EPA Registered

Other products aren’t as selective when it comes to how they react with the pathogen they are trying to destroy, and end up doing collateral damage that results in corrosion and toxic by-products. Our shield is certified by the EPA to be effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. From covid, staph, to ecoli, to the flu, and more – BioTab7 is effective against them all.

The Science

5NaClO2 + 4HCl + 4ClO2 + 5NaCl + 2H2O. Our shield is the only biocide that is a molecular free radical. It only reacts with substances that give off an electron, resulting in a product that is extremely selective, non-corrosive to metal, and does not generate harmful by-products.

Extended Protection

BioTab7 offers extended protection in between services – your trash cans, shopping carts, or outdoor equipment are protected from harmful bacteria for up to 30 days. Space City Sanitizers offers a full suite of professional solutions to non-invasive ongoing viral protection, including BioTab7, residential and commercial antimicrobial fogging, and long-lasting transparent film; please browse our site or contact us for more information.

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