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BioTab7 Sanitizing Agent

Antimicrobial Shield Application

The Process

In a trash can cleaning application, we apply our antimicrobial shield after the surface has been blasted with 200 degree pressurized water. We do this to provide an extra barrier of prolonged protection, to keep you safe. This agent may also be applied to other surfaces without the High Pressure Steam Blast™ step.

EPA Registered

Our shield is certified by the EPA to be effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. From staph, to ecoli, to the flu, to most forms of coronavirus...we have you covered!

Safe and Eco Friendly

Other products aren’t as selective when it comes to how they react with the pathogen they are trying to destroy, and end up doing collateral damage that results in corrosion and toxic by-products.

The Science

5NaClO2 + 4HCl + 4ClO2 + 5NaCl + 2H2O. Our shield is the only biocide that is a molecular free radical. It only reacts with substances that give off an electron, resulting in a product that is extremely selective, non-corrosive to metal, and does not generate harmful by-products.

Extended Protection

Our shield offers extended protection in between services. Rest easy knowing that your trash cans, shopping carts, or outdoor equipment are better protected from harmful bacteria.

Professional Application

Our microbial shield is applied professionally at every service at no additional charge to you. We care about your health and well-being, and will never charge extra for that peace of mind.

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