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Space City Sanitizers
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Space City Sanitizers Mission Statement

Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Fortitude

Leading the Way to a Cleaner & More Sanitary Society

Our mission is to revolutionize the way our culture addresses the spread of infectious diseases by developing cutting-edge strategies to address our most pressing challenges while ensuring sustainable growth for our company. By providing a wide gamut of sanitizing and related services, we are fully committed to investing in cutting-edge pathogen elimination technologies and treatments that make disease prevention more efficient, accessible, and non-invasive for all of society.

We firmly believe that profitability and positive impact are not mutually exclusive – together with our customers, employees, and partners, we are dedicated to building a brighter future for all with the constant positive growth and evolution of our organization.

Our Service Portfolio

Space City Sanitizers provides the entire gamut of professional sanitizing services to all markets. We have the capability to clean and sanitize anything – no matter the job. Services we offer include environmental pathogen and virus sanitiation, antiviral and antimicrobial services, trash can cleaning, chute and refuse systems, and biotrauma cleanup; no task is outside our scope. Our core operating values demand our full respect for the customer; we strive to exceed all of your highest expectations.

The Brand Philosophy

Space City Sanitizers services a variety of markets, which necessitates the requirement for us to create relatable brands. Simplifying the markets served by each brand allows customers to find us, to allow us to better serve all markets. Our company mascot, the raccoon, represents our philosophy toward hard work – get the job done no matter how undesirable or challenging the task.

Assurance From Within

Space City Sanitizers expects the upmost of core ethical standards from our team and strives to employ and work with the most capable and forward-thinking individuals and partners. Our core company values of respect, honesty, integrity, and fortitude are standards which our team takes pride. With regards for the well-being of the company as a whole, the demonstration of outstanding ethical behavior and personal discipline is expected.

Our Experience Is Your Value

Why Choose Space City Sanitizers?

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Accept No Imitation — For That is a Limitation

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