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Space City Sanitizers provides the entire gamut of professional sanitizing services to all markets. We have the capability to clean and sanitize anything – no matter the job. From residential trash cans, to trash chutes, to biohazard cleanup, no task is outside our scope. Our core operating values demand our full respect for the customer; we strive to exceed all of your highest expectations.

With unmatched coverage and exceptional professional service, we'll always be your #1 preferred local sanitizing company.

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Excerpt From Our In-House Professionals

Do You Have a Sickness Response Strategy?

By Bald Eagle

Have you thought about exactly what you would do in the event your home or workplace were to be contaminated from the presence of a pathogen? Has a member of your family or workplace recently been sick within a shared space for more than 15 minutes? Do you need to decontaminate a quarantine room after an illness?

Our professionals are equipped to safely deal with any pathogen contamination scenario, be it a post-covid sanitization or something more serious. Air in the affected location will be sanitized and deodorized, and all surfaces thoroughly cleaned. We can treat any space from a hotel room to an arena – just give us a call if you have any questions.

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