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Death Cleanup

& Scene Restoration

We take care of the restoration of a scene in the wake of the tragedy of a discovered passing. As time passes fluids, odors, and other biohazards make things worse. Our professionals safely handle the removal of contaminated furniture, cleanup, and all atmospheric odors. In severe cases, we will remove hoarder messes.
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100% Handled

We take care of everything. Contaminated furniture and building materials are removed. Air within the location is decontaminated using state-of-the-art high-flow air filtration and odor removal technology. We work quickly and professionally to leave the location sanitized, reconstructed, and ready for future use.

Please remember that this service can often be provided at little or no cost due to potential insurance and/or estate provisions.

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At Space City Sanitizers, we understand the challenges you face during difficult times. Our team is equipped with the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment required for sensitive tasks such as trauma scene cleanup, hoarding cleanouts, animal infestations and nests, and biohazard cleaning, ensuring thoroughness and compliance every step of the way. We offer competitive rates and unmarked units for discreet service, prioritizing your peace of mind above all else.

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