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Antimicrobial Odor Control

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What is the best odor removal solution?

Clean chute systems should be treated regularly with an agent to prevent the buildup of bacterial growth that causes lingering odor in the chute system. We offer two options for this – appointment-based treatments and permanently installed odorizers. Based on our experience, one thing is for certain: if your chute is dirty – these products will not reach their fullest potential. Dirty chute? Contact us today.

Space Foam™
Antimicrobial Odor Control

Automatic Odorizer
Permanent Installation

Application Full Chute System Bottom of Chute
Coordination Regular Visits Permanent Installation
Consumables Included Usage-Based
Planning Zero Modifications Requires Space & Wiring
Best For Normal Chutes Smelly Chutes
We Recommend Most Popular For Busy Chutes
Remember, we supply odorizer refills!
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We Recommend Regular Cleanings & Odor Control

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The Importance of Proper Chute Hygene

Dirty chutes are unsanitary and attract flies and rodents!

Trash chutes lined with grime are a fire hazard!

Smelly chutes are an indicator of code violations to an inspector!

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From Our Experts

Tackling the "Trash Chute Smell" Problem

By Spacey Raccoon

Stinky chutes are often an indication that the chute is out of code. Avoid complaints from both the building inspector and tenants by mitigating odors caused by misfitment and grime.

Ideally, on any given floor on the chute column, the odor should not be detectable unless the trash chute intake door is open. Detectable trash odor outside an intake door indicates that the seal on the door is broken and should be replaced.

Odor originating in the trash room should be sent up through the chute column and out the stack on the roof via appropriately provided natural or power ventilation. Ideally, this odor should be tolerable.

Things that make your chute stink:

  • Bags will explode in clogged chutes and line the chute walls with grime.
  • Dirty compactors will hold smell – these should be kept clear of trash and cleaned as often as the chute.
  • People will throw cat litter bags and dog poop down the chute, and it will explode inside the dumpster or compactor, peppering the area with the aforementioned waste.

Dirty chutes are avoidable by maintaining capacity at the compactor or dumpster, and giving it a proper, regularly scheduled High Pressure Steam Blast™ cleaning. We recommend all customers opt for regularly scheduled Space Foam Antimicrobial Odor Control™ applications between cleanings.

We'll make that chute like new. We are a full-service chute company – whether you need cleaning or inpection, call us today for a consultation.

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