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The Chute Company provides turn-key trash compactor installs.
Heavy-duty compactors provide worry-free garbage management.
These compactors are designed to be installed under the chute.

Available Compactor Models

Capacity 0.27 CY 0.28 CY 0.28 CY
Length 72" 45" 45"
Width 28" 35" 35"
Height 70" 68" 49"
Top Opening 54" x 30" 41" x 30" 41" x 30"
Side Opening 23" x 31" 24" x 31" 24" x 31"
Packing Force 28 klbs 31 klbs 31 klbs
Model Notes Heaviest Duty
  • Automatic Photo-Eye Operation
  • 21-30 Second Cycle Time
  • Heavy Duty 1/4" Steel
  • Fits Most Compaction Containers
  • Automatic Overload Shutdown
  • Full Capacity Warning
  • Door Safety Switch & E-Stop
  • Thru-Wall Models Available
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Compactor & Container

Multi-Family Compactor FAQ

How does a large compactor work?

Compactors are built out of 1/4" steel plate in a factory and installed under the trash or recycling chute permanently. These units are designed to reduce the volume of loose materials by compressing that bulk into a smaller, more manageable size using hydraulic force. This device goes in place of a dumpster, and feeds compacted trash into a standard rolling compactor container that can be emptied.

Why are trash compactors important for multi-family residential properties?

Trash compactors offer several benefits for multi-family residential properties:

Space Efficiency: Compacted trash takes up significantly less space than loose waste. This is crucial in multi-family properties where space is often limited, and efficient waste management is essential.

Reduced Dumpster Rotation: Compacted trash allows for fewer dumpster rotations, saving time and effort for property management. This is particularly beneficial in larger residential complexes.

Cost Savings: With reduced trips to the dumpster, there are potential cost savings on waste removal services. Fewer pickups may lead to lower disposal fees and contribute to overall operational cost efficiency.

Improved Aesthetics: Trash compactors help maintain a neat and tidy appearance in common areas by reducing the frequency of overflowing dumpsters.

What maintenance is required for trash compactors in multi-family residential properties?

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance. This includes cleaning, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting the hydraulic system. The Chute Company specializes in compactor maintenance. Management should schedule routine maintenance checks to address any issues promptly.

Do the trash compactors installed by TCC function automatically?

These trash compactors function without user input using electronic eye technology. We supply automatic compactors which have unassisted operation, capacity overload warning sensors, safety switches, and overduty shutdown mechanisms as standard.

Don't Let Them Talk You Into It

By Compactor Rat

We've had reports from our sales team that there are large companies that manage waste out there trying to talk their residential clients out of using a trash compactor in favor of a rotation of dumpsters. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book – waste removal companies are in the business of removing waste; the more they take with them, the more they can bill for. This is inadvisable for any building with a working compactor, and only works for low volume complexes.

Lack of a compactor means more physical space is used to store the trash. Residential management and maintenance teams already have a lot of spinning plates and eliminating the compactor means now someone has to manage the dumpster rotation. Full dumpsters that remain under an active chute discharge will pile over and eventually wind up clogging the chute. Not only will this create a mess and attract rodents, this will dirty the chute and possibly cause excessive load on the chute support structure.

We recommend that most residential dwelling complexes with over 15 units have a compactor. If you don't know if your building needs a compactor, or have a dumpster rep itching to make changes to your trash room, then call us for a consultation today.

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